Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poem Draft

Another one from the series. This one will come down soon, too.

Once upon a time

planes, trains and automobiles held us
within their dream
of partial annihilation. Ellipses
of ourselves. One heart. And then two. We
were always sped along in one
of them. Her warm hand knotted in mine.
Or my hands in my lap at thirty-
thousand feet, or hers in hers on the train
to and from the airport. And she and I were
sped through Nospace
with badly drawn pictures of each other
bumping along in our heads entubed
in aluminum
…And, suddenly, I would see her
there, exactly where clocks and hearts
beat out Nowhen sealed inside both
the world’s grandest and blandest city.
My face contiguous with hers in her
eyes. Our embrace rocks us, impossibly
together and apart,
like a wave locked within a particle.
A hand waving hello as we say goodbye.