Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alec Eiffel! Alec Eiffel?

Wow, I'm going to be a father in August!

Now we're obsessing over baby names, prenatal care, early child development. And we're considering parenting styles (as if you can order them on-line). Danna likes the name Alec Eiffel if we have a boy. You know, as in the title and refrain of that great Pixies song?

As in the name of the architect who dreamed up the towering, derrick-like icon of American Romance in Paris?

I don't know about Alec. Naming our son Alec Eiffel would pin him to several child-archetypal categories worthy of severe beatings. Especially if he's a smart kid who reads too much. Which he will be! I'm so excited!

For a cleverer consideration of the naming process minus the flip tone, visit Alexis Orgera's page and read this entry.