Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I finished reviewing Allison Benis White's Self Portrait with Crayon. It will be in H_NGM_N's next issue.

Wrote a decent poem with drop lines the other day.

Audrey will begin crawling any day now. At five and a half months, she smiles at strangers and grabs everything. She would eat pizza, drink wine and coffee, and talk on cell phones if she could.

Danna and I found the BEST baby-carrying contraption. It's called an ERGO (see picture).

My farflung, online writer's group will meet up this summer in late July. I'm pretty excited to meet everyone in person. My vote for location is Baltimore. We'll see.

My pal Phil Estes has a poem up at Frigg.

After six months of drinking dark roast coffees exclusively, I'm giving light roasts a chance.


Allison said...

Hi Marcus,

I just read your review of Self-Portrait with Crayon in H_NGM_N and I wanted to say thank you! It's a deeply insightful review, and I'm very grateful for your attention. I hope this note finds you well!



Marcus said...

You're welcome, Allison. I enjoyed your book--which was emotionally and intellectually provocative--and look forward to following your career.